The automotive industry faces both opportunities and challenges. The rapid changes in customer demand, and the fast pace of technological innovation as well as the energy conservation and emission reduction green revolution of the automotive industry propels automobile manufacturers to strive towards innovation and deliver personalized and differentiated services to meet the new market demand. Thus, they can stay ahead of the fierce market competition.
One of Beyondsoft’s strengths lie in its ability to consult in the areas of automotive industry IT informatization. We also have refined development and testing methodology and standardized processes. We have enjoyed long-term close collaboration with top companies in the automotive industry. The integration of our professional knowledge of the automotive industry and IT solutions make Beyondsoft a trusted IT partner in the automotive industry.

  • Automobile Manufacturing

    Beyondsoft strictly adheres to international automotive safety and environmental standards. We provide IT solutions in automobile manufacturing areas such as automobile material, automobile parts, and quality management.

  • Automobile sales and post-sales

    Beyondsoft has extensive experience in areas such as CRM, dealer management systems, automobile maintenance and repair systems, and automobile e-commerce systems. We provide end-to-end services for the automotvie industry from pre-sales, sa...

  • Supply Chain

    Beyondsoft’s supply chain management services include supply chain consultation, implementation, procurement and logistics. We provide application development, packaged software implementation, as well as application maintenance and suppor...

  • The Internet of Vehicles

    With our professional knowledge and skills in areas such as product development, project life cycle management, and embedded systems, we can offer end-to-end solutions which provide full-cycle services from conceptual product design to the ...

  • Beyondsoft has a rich reserve of automotive industry professionals. Our vast technological expertise comprises areas such as SAP-FI/CO, MM, SD, PS, ABAP, JAVA /.NET and cloud computing;
  • We collaborate closely with the automotive industry, and can provide comprehensive services such as production processes, spare parts management, sales and distribution, logistics, and financial systems
  • We successfully implemented informatiztion projects for a number of automobile manufacturers, accumulated extensive experience in the Internet of Vehicles service development. We can help our clients expand their foundational platform f...
  • Services

    System Development and Maintenance Services

    IT Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance Services

    Enterprise Applications and Business Intelligence Services

    Vehicle electronic instrument Project

    The client is a professional vehicle consumer electronics manufacturer. It has close relationship with some large Japanese auto makers such as Toyota and Nissan.

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