The finance industry is experiencing rapid growth. It changes and transforms continuously along with outside environmental changes. In order to better respond to change, financial institutions need to re-examine the current strategies, and re-evaluate the systems and processes within their business models. This will allow them to maintain their vitality and competitive edge.
Beyondsoft uses its extensive industry knowledge to provide clients with a variety of professional services. These services help improve clients’ interaction and communication with users, enhance workflow management and business intelligence, and simplify legacy applications to support real-time, flexible business processes. Clients will enjoy the efficiency, profits, and innovation. At the same time, we enable clients to better manage risk, increase product performance, and rapidly accomplish business transformation.

  • Banking Industry

    Beyondsoft provides banking clients with a variety of services such as software services, professional services, and the integration of multiple business patterns.

  • Securities and Capital Market

    Beyondsoft has many years of IT technical support and system development experience in the securities and fund investment industry. We have served a variety of fund management companies, securities companies, and banks.

  • Insurance

    Beyondsoft provides insurance industry clients with services and solutions in areas such as risk control and operational compliance, e-commerce, enterprise resource management, decision-making support, and customer relations management.

  • Public Utilities

    Beyondsoft provides public utilities clients and related banking clients with a series of services such as software consultation, R&D, implementation, and system operation and maintenance outsourcing.

  • Our refined and mature management and development processes, our core team with rich experience and dedication to excellent service, as well as our flexible and customized solutions meet the various needs of clients, helping them effecti...
  • Our extensive practical experience, professional technical team, as well as an in-depth understanding of the industry’s needs enable us to provide clients with immediate, efficient, and quality services.
  • Beyondsoft implements tight security measures with a complete security system and advanced security processes.
  • Services

    Application Development & Maintenance

    Application Testing

    Enterprise Management Consulting Services

    Enterprise Applications, Big Data, and Business Intelligence Services

    Infrastructure Management and Operation Services

    Business Process Outsourcing Services

  • BAI-Ops

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  • Mainframe Migration Solution

    The client had a system running on an old mainframe, whose cost of operation and maintenance was incredibly high. Furthermore, the old configuration parameter and computing capacity were unable to meet the growing needs of the business process.

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