Making, Managing and Monetizing Content

From capturing an idea to the final delivery of a book, song, video, ad, article, TV show or movie, today’s content starts digital and stays digital. From creation to distribution, video, photos, text and audio files are among the digital assets that have to be stored, accessed, transcoded, married to the correct licensing and copyrights, connected to the right ads and kept secure. Giving readers, viewers and listeners an optimal experience means that content has to perform as expected through whatever app, channel, browser or device the user selects. Today’s media business main challenge is about constructing a digital ecosystem that reduces complexity and makes creating, managing and distributing content faster, simpler and more profitable.

Beyondsoft can help you ensure maximum efficiency in making and managing content and accelerate the time to monetization—no matter what venue, platform, app, or device your audience uses to consume it. From leveraging technologies like cloud computing, big data and analytics, to automated digital experience testing, to next gen development processes like Agile and DevOps, we can reduce time-to-market for new services and help you maximize the value of your digital assets. If your business is about media—making it, selling it, or delivering it—Beyondsoft can help you master it.

With Beyondsoft, you can make your digital media ecosystem a powerful competitive advantage to reduce costs, improve quality and delight customers.

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  • Beyondsoft has an experienced team with a great wealth of expertise and accumulated knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and efficient processes. This is to ensure that we offer you easy solutions.
  • Beyondsoft continuously invests in R&D and innovation. We pay close attention to changes in the media industry and its enterprises. Relying on our core advantage of end-to-end services in the media and the information industry, our clien...
  • Beyondsoft can help you achieve digital strategies to establish multiple channels of effective communication between you and your clients in a high-efficiency, low-cost manner. This will allow you to optimize your core business processes...
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