In the information era, the development of network technology has had an enormous impact on the retail market. Network technology broke through the retail market’s time and space limitations. Internet development urges people to drastically change the way they shop. Without having to step outside, they can now easily accomplish the shopping process online which used to cost a lot of time and energy. Changes in the way people shop led to changes in the way the retail industry sells products. Thus, retail industry transformation is no longer a small-scale local innovation, but, in a true sense, a revolution.
Beyondsoft is one of Asia’s leading providers of comprehensive IT services and industry solutions. We can help businesses realize the full potential of technology and business processes. With efficiency and innovation, we help businesses grow, as well as respond positively and anticipate customer demand, maintaining flexibility and competitiveness in the revolution.

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods/Chain Industry

    Due to the complexity of the retail industry, its large amount of data, and strict time requirements, relevant systems must settle accounts on the same day. These business needs include instant billing processing, logistics distribution, an...

  • Direct Marketing Industry

    Beyondsoft focuses on providing direct marketing industry clients with different levels of operation and management data analysis for workers, managers and decision-makers within the enterprise. We also provide applications to support decis...

  • Online/Offline Shopping Platform

    Beyondsoft provides online/offline clients with a comprehensive e-commerce solution that encompasses front-end business process systems, back-end business process systems, and third-party platform integration systems. At the same time, we u...

  • Beyondsoft has a vast reserve of professional and technical personnel. Our junior, mid-level and senior talents are in key business areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen;
  • Beyondsoft’s technical expertise includes mainstream database systems. We’ve mastered multiple data analysis tools and can provide multi-latitude data mining and query, as well as a multi-level data analysis view;
  • Beyondsoft can help clients focus on their core business. We provide flexible and scalable systems to meet the growing demands of the business. We adopt an agile development model and conduct extensive use case testing. Thus, we provide ...
  • Services

    E-commerce and Payment

    Product R&D

    Application Testing

    Infrastructure Management Services

    Big Data Analysis/Business Intelligence

    Enterprise Informatization Management

  • Beyondsoft E-Commerce Solutions

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  • Beyondsoft Digital Marketing Solution helps to accelerate your Business

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  • Beyondsoft Capability Introduction for Accessibility Solution

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  • Order Management System Development

    The client is the World leader of an international chain of convenience stores, and operating primarily as a franchise. It is the largest chain store with more than 38,000 outlets operating around the world.

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