Secure Your Survival in the Digital Communications Jungle

The digital communications ecosystem is alive and well. In fact, it’s becoming overgrown. Finding your niche amongst other providers of voice, Internet, video, and data networking means ever more rapid cycle times. Competing for customers means shedding old systems to make way for the continuous delivery of the new. Your hardware, network connections, software infrastructure, customer support systems and billing must have the responsiveness and agility to adapt to a constantly changing environment and work as one omni-channel entity. This is what will guarantee you’ll survive as one of the fittest. Not leading is not an option.

Helping you lead the way in provisioning new services quickly and upgrading the digital customer experience is what Beyondsoft is all about. We can help you select the right technologies and manage AGILE development for your network’s future. We can help you develop the friendliest customer-facing systems and implement the latest SMAC capabilities. Finally, we’ll help you maximize your bandwidth for IPTV and keep your customers loyal by better understanding what their usage data is telling you, so you can sense and respond quickly to evolving customer expectations about their digital experience.

  • Telecom Carrier Industry

    In the telecommunications carrier industry, Beyondsoft has accumulated over a decade of experience. We have unique insight into the telecommunications carrier domains such as the business combination model, billing model, and service model....

  • Telecom Equipment Industry

    In the face of increasing diversity of smart terminals, Beyondsoft organized a large number of technological experts to conduct innovative R&D and implementation. This is to help customers quickly and efficiently respond to the fierce compe...

  • Telecom Services Industry

    Beyondsoft keeps up with the new developments of the mobile Internet. We collaborate with telecommunications service providers, providing R&D and innovative implementation services, primarily in the areas of mobile social networking, softwa...

  • Beyondsoft has extensive practical experience and a professional technical team. We possess the capacity to professionally analyze the overall network and implement 24/7 monitoring services.
  • Beyondsoft implements tight security measures with a complete security system and advanced security processes
  • Our self-developed flexible automated processing tools simplify complicated matters, helping clients improve efficiency and effectively control costs;
  • Services

    Maintenance, migration, customization

    Telecom infrastructure and help desk service

    Technical support

    Telecommunication equipment – MSC , BaseStation,etc.

    OSS/BSS – billing, reporting, rating, analysis, etc.

    Wireless networking – WiFi, connectivity

    Mobile Devices – smartphone, tablet PC etc.

    Network management system – SNMP, JMX, OpenNMS, etc.

    Mobile – device, OS, application, multimedia content, gaming, etc.

    VAS (Value-Added Services) – mobile TV, payment, etc.

    Customer service – portal, CRM, etc.

    NFN application and services – switching, IVR, VOIP, SIP, etc.

    Product engineering service; Product and application testing

    IT application development service

  • BAI-Ops

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  • IPTV Project

    The client is the world leader in fixed, mobile, and converged broadband networking, IP and optics technologies, applications and services. The client is looking for video surveillance solution.

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