Welcome to the Travel Jungle

Today’s travelers demand world-class digital experiences, services and amenities. And with a jungle full of options, travellers can afford to be very particular. Even if the destination is a rainforest, travellers expect to interact with their travel service providers online as long as there is a signal available. And whether travellers are their own concierges or their experience is totally controlled by a tour operator, the better the end-to-end digital customer experience, the more likely travellers are to opt in to your rewards program and become loyal to your brand. Standing out in the jungle of destination and transportation options is as critical as it is complex.

The solution is a global digital ecosystem of linked services that offer customers top-quality service that’s fast, convenient and personalized. Every piece of information the traveller has entered online needs to be available to those who provide service so they can respond appropriately and anticipate what the customer might need, in context and on point. From airline and car rental bookings, to cruise, safari or hotel reservations, to the right post-trip reward enticements, survival of the fittest means utilizing the latest technologies to stay ahead of competitive predators.

Beyondsoft travel solutions combine the power of cloud computing, digital marketing and predictive analytics to give you the ability and agility to sense and respond to developing trends, and continuously improve your customer experience by getting to know them better.

Beyondsoft offers services for airlines, cruise companies, hotel chains, meta-search websites, online travel agencies and tour operators.

As the world gets smaller and travellers seek more comprehensive, personalized experiences, let Beyondsoft help you emerge as a leader and stay ahead of the pack.

  • Beyondsoft has technical teams around the world. We keep up with market trends and can dig deep to discover our clients’ needs. We provide solutions based on the regional characteristics of each part of the world
  • Beyondsoft’s efficient implementation team can reduce costs for our clients, as well as effectively reduce risk in a flexible service manner
  • Based on customer demand, Beyondsoft can provide full-cycle services from back-end management and front-end application, to data management and platform interface integration
  • Services

    Integrated platform management, from order to payment and delivery

    User experience design

    Data management on infrastructure platforms--databases, file servers, NAS gateways, and RAID

    Integration with third-party payment platforms like PayPal and airline ticket agents

    Comprehensive software testing

    Mobile development

    Call center integration

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