(2015.06) Beyondsoft Intend to Set Up a Wholly-owned Subsidiary in Singapore

Beyondsoft intend to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore named Beyondsoft International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.. The mainly purpose is to set up overseas business platform, and to build overseas operation, management and development center, meanwhile to integrate overseas resources and consolidate the foundation of overseas business development. Based on the subsidiary, Beyondsoft can improve the capacity of competition and the development of the company's overseas business, thus will increase Beyondsoft's future profitability.

About Beyondsoft

As a leading global IT services company, Beyondsoft (Shenzhen Stock Exchange: 002649) gives companies a competitive edge with innovative technology services and solutions. Headquartered in Beijing, China, Beyondsoft has more than thirty-two research and delivery centers across North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. A seamless network of more than 8,000 IT developers and business consultants helps companies capture global market opportunities and increase customer engagement. The Beyondsoft portfolio includes IT Consulting, Product Engineering, Application Development and Maintenance Services, IT Infrastructure Management, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Services, Business Intelligence, Mobility and Cloud Services. For more information, go to www.beyondsoft.com.

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