(2016.04) Beyondsoft Joins Microsoft’s Preferred Partner Power BI Red Carpet Program

Beyondsoftis pleased to announce their acceptance into Microsoft’s Power BI Red CarpetProgram

Seattle, WA – Beyondsoft today announcedits inclusion in Microsoft’s Power BI Red Carpet program. Microsoft designedtheir PowerBI Suite to bring business data to life in order for organizationsof all sizes to better understand the patterns and trends happening with theirbusiness operations in real-time.  Thered carpet program enables selected partners to grow their data practicesthrough an accelerated development of solutions and services based uponMicrosoft Power BI. Through the program, Beyondsoft becomes eligible to receivesupport services which include Microsoft-funded trainings, tools and servicesdesigned to support their Power BI innovation and success in systemsintegration, solution/service development, and consulting.

“Beyondsoft’s data and applicationdevelopment team have always been early adopters of new technologies that canhelp empower our clients to make better business decisions. In 2015, we ran acompany-wide Power BI competition to encourage exploration and adoption of thetechnology across our team,” shared Alvin Yang, Senior Vice President of Beyondsoft.“The acceptance is an acknowledgement of the early and deep investment made inthis new Microsoft technology by all our hardworking team members, andrepresents the advanced level of business intelligence analytics we can offeracross our projects.”

As a BI@Microsoft Preferred Supplier, Beyondsoft already had access to the latestinformation and product releases directly from the Microsoft developers workingon Power BI. “By taking the next step and becoming part of the Power BI RedCarpet program, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver high qualitybusiness intelligence dashboards and increased our visibility withinMicrosoft,” shared Rob Newman, Director of Data & Application Developmentat Beyondsoft. “We are hoping that being a member of the program will lead tomore clients with diverse and challenging business requirements that invite ourteam members to continue to push analytical dashboard boundaries!”

Future clients can be assured thatBeyondsoft has the Microsoft “gold-standard” for delivering high quality,scalable and robust business intelligence dashboards. “Using these services, wecan better serve our customers’ analysis needs by helping them understand theirdata and visualize it beyond reports and interactive charts,” said Alvin Yang.“When hiring us, they know they have a partner who has their business in mind,and who will work tirelessly with them to develop the best solution possible.”


Beyondsoftis a Management Consulting firm operating with a unique blend of capabilitiesto help businesses operate efficiently. We partner with our clients to designstrong business processes that can adjust and scale according to changingbusiness needs. For projects of all shapes and sizes, Beyondsoft evaluatesprogress towards established goals, confirms a shared vision, and developsstrategies for future success. Company services include project management,business intelligence, data analysis and data modeling, cloud computing, aswell as digital marketing and sales channels performance analysis. Themanagement team is headed by Alvin Yang, Senior Vice President at Beyondsoft.
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