Management Consulting

Management Consulting

We apply our understanding of business intelligence to your business.

Beyondsoft’s Management Consulting practice analyzes your team’s performance to understand the path to maximum effectiveness.

High performing teams can be strong in many areas and still have gaps in others. Through our holistic approach, we identify those gaps and address them to bring your whole business to the next level.

  • Project Management

    Our data driven approach to Project Management stems from our business intelligence roots. Our PMs are expert communicators with a unique blend of technical and business expertise who provide end-to-end service for project-based and program...

  • Workshop Consulting

    Led by experience, managed by experts, and delivered by a savvy team of project managers, analysts, and developers, Workshop Consulting is our unique approach to a staffing engagement. A mix of Associate and Senior consultants are deployed,...

  • Beyondsoft has several decades of experience in IT services. We strategically partner with the world’s top ten science and technology corporations. We create “customer-centric” data management solutions.
  • Vertical industries such as finance and the Internet have their own unique data management products. We help enterprises accomplish digital management transformation, gaining a unique competitive advantage in the competitive market.
  • Based on corporate clients’ demands, we create comprehensive digital management solutions.
  • Business Value

    Beyondsoft is a highly trusted IT solutions provider. Using mainstream website analysis technology, we are dedicated to the thorough research of Internet consumer behavior, industry competitiveness analysis, as well as media information monitoring.

    We provide enterprises with 24/7 uninterrupted quality website analysis services. Through the implementation of strict data protection measures and website data operations services, we ensure that the corporate customer’s data is accurate. We provide high value-added analytic services for websites such as search, e-commerce, social networking, business travel, and video.

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