Service Desk

Service Desk

Global Service Desks that Truly Advance Service Efficiency

Do your Service Desks run into problems that require customers to spend a lot of time describing the issue or trying to make it happen again? Are your Service Desks becoming increasingly burdened by employee BYOD issues? Is it difficult to make sure your global Service Desks all have the same level of expertise?

Beyondsoft can help. We’re able to support your internal operations through professionally run worldwide service desks that are fluent in an endless variety of languages. We’ll replace your offshore help desk, service desk, or Tier 1/Tier 2 support with a local team for the exact same cost in the first year, and then 5% less in the second year. These locally-based teams and managers allow Beyondsoft to offer a significant increase in end-user experience without an increase in cost.

In addition, our on-site managers hire new service desk agents and provide continuous training and mentorship, allowing agents to work smarter and produce a higher volume of work per person.

Revolutionizing our enterprise clients’ Service Desks is our passion. It’s also our fastest growing division, which is remarkable in such a mature space. And with technology consistently evolving, Beyondsoft teams not only support today’s systems, but work with your team to support new toolsets as your business grows and changes.

If you’re serious about the quality of your Service Desks, Beyondsoft can help you deliver an advanced level of service efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Greater Efficiency – with customization tools that improve response time & quality
  • Higher Security – through onshore data hosting capability
  • Team Member Continuity – using highly engaged management teams
  • Business Value

    Beyondsoft is a highly trusted IT solutions provider. Using mainstream website analysis technology, we are dedicated to thoroughly researching Internet consumer behavior, analysis of industry competitiveness, as well as media information monitoring.

    We provide enterprises with 24/7 uninterrupted quality website analysis services. Through the implementation of strict data protection measures and website data operations services, we ensure that the corporate client’s data is accurate. We provide high value-added analysis services for websites such as search, e-commerce, social networking, business travel, and video.

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