Application Development & Maintenance

Application Development & Maintenance

Along with the rise of the digital technology represented by big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, enterprises need a series of standard digital software tools to handle large amounts of information. As a result, enterprises set higher demands for application software. The focal point for many enterprises is discovering how to improve efficiency, consolidate resources, and develop more competitive application software within time constraints.

Beyondsoft focuses on providing world-class customized application system development services. According to the enterprise’s needs, we provide cost-effective, reliable, and secure application system development and maintenance solutions, helping businesses compete and win more business opportunities. We are the ideal strategic partners for an enterprise.

  • Application Development

    According to the needs of the enterprise, we utilize advanced technology to provide enterprises with end-to-end application development solutions.

  • Expanding Existing Applications

    Based on the market’s mainstream core technology, we provide solutions which modify, upgrade, expand and re-deploy the enterprise's existing software.

  • Application System Maintenance & Support

    According to the needs of the enterprise, we utilize advanced science and technology to provide services such as enterprise application software maintenance and ongoing support.

  • Application System Migration

    Based on a distributed infrastructure and the needs of the enterprise, we provide migration services such as moving application systems from a PC end to a mobile end.

  • Based on a refined, multi-level network infrastructure, we provide a more personalized user experience and support multiple languages for global users.
  • Using an effective global business model, we adopt flexible working practices in order to facilitate communication with clients. The team demonstrates great flexibility.
  • We adopted a 24-hour joint-development model across various time zones, significantly shortening development cycles and meeting client’s market demand. We provide low-cost, high-speed responses, and quality solutions.
  • Business Value

    Beyondsoft provides clients with complete enterprise application IT services. Our expertise includes software suite implementation and distributed cross-platform and cross-company application integration. We help minimize risk in a flexible and efficient manner.

    Beyondsoft has solutions such as ERP, CRM, BI, supply chain management, and data warehousing. We provide a series of enterprise application solutions from needs analysis, design, development, testing, deployment to implementation and deployment.

    Beyondsoft has rigid security systems and state-of-the-art security processes which are in strict accordance with ISO 27001 Standards. With our comprehensive technical strength and firm grasp of the client’s business processes, we can accelerate the construction of enterprise informatization, helping clients win more business opportunities.

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