Cloud Application Development & Testing

Cloud Application Development & Testing

Beyondsoft Cloud Application Development and Testing utilizes the currently popular cloud technology. It incorporates the various needs of the current development and testing. We provide cloud-based integrated solutions for development, operation, and maintenance, which encompasses development and testing environments, project source code management, project flaws management, project progress management, and development and testing services.

Beyondsoft cloud application development and testing services help users solve hardware, servers, software, and development and testing environment configuration and management issues during project development, testing, and management stages. It enables users to have adequate time and energy to focus on project R&D, achieving agile development and quick iterations. At the same time, the integrated automated development and testing tools can provide our clients with more direct development and testing services, further resolving the users’ specific issues on development and testing.

  • Compared to the traditional mode of development and testing, Beyondsoft cloud application development and testing services can help clients save up to 80% on costs. It also shortens the cycles, helping clients save up to 95% on time.
  • Beyondsoft development and testing cloud solves the client’s specific problems from the level of software and service. It directly creates significant business value for the clients.
  • We help quickly build and achieve cloud operation and maintenance integration, achieving isolation of multiple tenants, agile development, and quick iteration.
  • Business Value

    As Microsoft’s strategic partner, Beyondsoft obtained Microsoft’s official certification for virtualization. We are the only service provider in China with the capability to deploy Microsoft private cloud solutions.

    Our R&D team, on average, has over three years of Windows Azure and VMware private cloud project experience.

    We successfully provided many governmental departments, scientific research institutions, enterprises and institutions with cloud computing and cloud service ready-to-use solutions.

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