DevOps and Continuous Delivery

DevOps and Continuous Delivery

As technologies like cloud computing, mobile, and big data continue to develop, IT organizations are under more pressure than ever to quickly deliver and maintain secure, high-quality software and services to end users. DevOps uses the agile development method. By consolidating product development and the operation and maintenance department, we involve all the participants in the software delivery life cycle. Propelled by continuous delivery, through constant feedback, we ensure that the team functions efficiently throughout the full product life cycle. As a method that continues to develop, DevOps is more than a simple technical innovation. It also greatly improves product performance, software quality, and end-user experience.

Beyondsoft’s customized DevOps services are based on a deep understanding of the user’s needs. We design the communication and collaboration processes, methods and systems between software development, operation and maintenance, as well as quality assurance departments. We create the DevOps rules to be implemented. Using iterative development methods, we adopt enterprises’ existing tools or provide pluggable solutions to help enterprises start using DevOps for small software development. It reduces risk and gradually leads to the implementation of DevOps across the entire enterprise.

  • DevOps services can be extended to mobile and cloud software. It has a wide scope of application.
  • Beyondsoft’s DevOps services adopt a generic or customized method to help our clients in different industries better address issues within the entire software delivery life cycle.
  • Beyondsoft’s DevOps and continuous delivery services integrate the client’s business culture, processes, and tools. The continuous software delivery helps companies quickly capture market opportunities and better meet the needs of the ...
  • Business Value

    As Microsoft’s strategic partner, Beyondsoft obtained Microsoft’s official certification for virtualization. We are the only service provider in China with the capability to deploy Microsoft private cloud solutions.

    Our R&D team, on average, has over three years of Windows Azure and VMware private cloud project experience.

    We successfully provided many governmental departments, scientific research institutions, enterprises and institutions with cloud computing and cloud service ready-to-use solutions.

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