Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

As cloud computing continues to develop, more and more companies are choosing to migrate resources, such as traditional IT services, to the cloud. For enterprise resources migrated to the cloud platform, achieving flexible and efficient management is as important as investment management or resource management and control.

Beyondsoft’s cloud management services help clients build a cloud ecosystem. By constructing the cloud infrastructure, we provide flexible operation and maintenance from applications to platforms, smart IT management, as well as component integration services. We help clients run automated cloud management systems on different platforms, among different vendors. We are able to provide management from definition and deployment to implementation, enabling clients to build the best cloud infrastructure, as well as better manage public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

  • Beyondsoft’s cloud management services rely on its comprehensive technical strength and deep understanding of the client’s business processes to help clients build a cloud ecosystem. We also provide cloud computing life cycle managemen...
  • Beyondsoft implements cloud management services to help clients determine the best cloud infrastructure, ensuring continuous delivery of development, operation, and maintenance on public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms.
  • Beyondsoft can provide a cloud services resource library based on WEB2.0, ITIL V3.0 and SOA infrastructure. Combining the advantages of traditional IT operation and maintenance management technology and cloud computing platform managemen...
  • Business Value

    As Microsoft’s strategic partner, Beyondsoft obtained Microsoft’s official certification for virtualization. We are the only service provider in China with the capability to deploy Microsoft private cloud solutions.

    Our R&D team, on average, has over three years of Windows Azure and VMware private cloud project experience.

    We successfully provided many governmental departments, scientific research institutions, enterprises and institutions with cloud computing and cloud service ready-to-use solutions.

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