Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Related to the cloud migration, many enterprise technical and business executives see cloud service benefits in term of performance, cost, and stability. However, they are more concerned about the cloud security issues. Cloud security faces many complex and diverse challenges, such as cloud computing data security, security challenges of application development under the cloud model, the threat of virtualization technologies for cloud computing, as well as cloud-computing stability and reliability issues. In order to implement cloud security services for enterprises, the key is to understand the clients and their needs, then design solutions for these needs.

Beyondsoft’s cloud security services can help clients efficiently manage data. We can help clients reduce risk, enhance information integrity, and promote data sharing. End-to-end cloud security solutions provide clients with enterprise-level security technology to meet their strict requirements, creating separation between software and the commercial cloud platform. At the same time, it increases the capabilities of crash recovery.

  • Beyondsoft’s security domain experts team can provide industry-leading cloud security solutions, ranging from compatibility to 24/7 monitoring, from real-time reporting to comprehensive suspicious activities handling service.
  • Beyondsoft has extensive experience in the IT service area. We can provide services such as IT security product evaluation and testing, comprehensive information security services, business continuity and crash recovery services, a well ...
  • Business Value

    As Microsoft’s strategic partner, Beyondsoft obtained Microsoft’s official certification for virtualization. We are the only service provider in China with the capability to deploy Microsoft private cloud solutions.

    Our R&D team, on average, has over three years of Windows Azure and VMware private cloud project experience.

    We successfully provided many governmental departments, scientific research institutions, enterprises and institutions with cloud computing and cloud service ready-to-use solutions.

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