Accessibility Service

Accessibility Service

In the times of computer and Internet information, information intelligence is the trend of the information age. Information accessibility is an important development direction of information intelligence.
Beyondsoft provides information accessibility services, help the disabled and vulnerable groups to access and use of information freely, easily, without any constraints and obstacles.
Beyondsoft expert in several International accessibility standards. Regarding to MSA ,Section 508,ETSI,CVAA和WCAG 2.0 etc. Beyondsoft provide Accessibility Solutions as bellow,
1. Consultant Service: Consultant service to development process,Regularly train team, Provide test solution to test team
2. Accessibility Asses: Conduct accessibility assessment, Figure out and provide the solution for each non-conformance
3. Website Revamp: Modify the codes of website to meet the standard (WCAG 2.0, Section 508 etc.)
4. Usability Test by Disabilities: Make the different usability test solution based on client’s request, Guide the disabilities to conduct the usability test, Compose the most authentic experience report formal report based on the real usability testing

Business Value

Reduce or avoid the litigation risk which is caused by unsatisfactory WCAG service standards and high fines that resulting from litigation risk

Improve the stability and development of customer products in the U.S. market. Expand the customer market.

Client and Beyondsoft are to be the long term partner

Enhance the accessibility support for their products.

Section 508 Assessment of Federal Government E-commerce Project

The project is a professional E-commerce platform, federal organizations in the States use it in land administration, license management, fixed assets management, hazardous material management, etc. The platform is a web based application which consistent with 3000+ pages and different types of elements. It was Section 508 compliance in 2011.

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