Architecture & Development

Architecture & Development

Create a Flexible Foundation for Success

A “solid foundation” used to be a good thing. It still is. But with the rate of change in IT these days, a “flexible foundation” may be a better metaphor. Anything that can’t adapt rapidly to changing business conditions and continuous technology advancements isn’t really that useful to today’s enterprises. Agility and flexibility are in; rigidity is out.

You need a partner who can leverage the latest technologies and trends to ensure your presence is always available, that it’s always integrated with your back-end systems in real time, and that it’s capable of responding to disruptive forces while staying aligned with your evolving business objectives.

We design at enterprise scale with a team of architects and developers who are experienced at building systems and sites for the world's leading companies. We have the talent and experience to ensure that your systems perform quickly and reliably under extreme peak load conditions—with or without the Cloud.

Today, IT architecture and design is about making sure functionality is always solid but that systems are capable of changing and adapting. We make sure that your application architecture is optimized for both current and future applications. We’re experienced in Open Source, Web 2.0, and mobile applications and adept at integrating new architectures into existing organizations, or rather, allowing organizations to move seamlessly into new architectures.

  • We support rapid development and deployment, effectively reducing R&D costs
  • We connect distributed applications and information resources to the portal, achieving full resources sharing
  • We use advanced SOA architectures which align with current trends in information technology development
  • We provide a friendly and unified user interface with positive user experience
  • We provide a variety of social environments, reliable content management, and high performance search navigation
  • Services

    Business Process and IT Services Infrastructure Security Analysis

    Management Tool Development and Integration

    Systems Management: Including deployment, operation, maintenance, optimization, and repair of web-based applications

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