Interactive Strategy

Interactive Strategy

Master Your Customer Interactions

Your customers need to be able to find you and communicate with you using all their preferred web platforms. That means in addition to a cutting edge desktop web experience, your digital strategy must now integrate a wide variety of social media platforms, and effectively deliver your message in mobile and tablet form factors.

Beyondsoft’s team of expert strategic digital planners can support your efforts across all digital media types. We’ll ensure that your enterprise delivers a seemless experience across these platforms while minimizing media-creation redundancies. We’ll deliver a coherent, consistent, efficiently managed integration of your Internet presence and customer interactions.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our management team, not to just survive today's cyber climate, but thrive in it.

  • With our outstanding talents, partnership networks, and resources all over China, our global consulting team can help customers firmly seize the opportunities for development while minimizing risks of cultural challenges and regulatory o...
  • Beyondsoft’s capacities and resources enable our customers to quickly establish a fully operational ODC, providing a viable alternative access to China. Compared to simply relying on third-party resources, we help better control results...
  • Services

    The establishment and operation of a business center or research team

    The development of marketing and sales strategies

    The establishment of a distribution channel

    Technical support for local clients in the Asia Pacific region as well as global clients

    We provide consultation services related to setting up institutions in China

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