Architecture & Deployment

Architecture & Deployment

With the development of global economic integration, competition is becoming fiercer. Thus IT services have gradually become a necessity for enterprises to operate smoothly and efficiently. It is the best choice for more and more enterprises to choose professional partners, who can help enterprises deploy operation and maintenance, achieve effective management of IT functions, and allow enterprises to focus more on improving their own operational capacity and work efficiency.

As an experienced IT solutions provider, Beyondsoft helps customers build IT infrastructure architecture as well as deploy operations and maintenance through a comprehensive and integrated approach. This can be applied to clients’ traditional data centers and be based on the new public cloud environment to monitor and manage the performance of IT infrastructure for clients. Also, we can help overburdened IT operations teams access the information needed to more conveniently and efficiently help improve service quality, predictability, work efficiency as well as reduce costs.

  • Infrastructure Architecture Design

    Including data backup, storage management, infrastructure management, virtual network security, etc.

  • IT System Development & Deployment

    We provide a full range of IT infrastructure architecture development and deployment solutions according to your business needs.

  • System Integration & Testing

    Relying on several decades of testing experience, we provide professional system integration and test solutions for your company’s IT system.

  • Beyondsoft has expanded business to more than 100 cities domestically and abroad through our own corporate networks and partnerships, as well as regional offices located in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Dalian a...
  • Beyondsoft provides customers with cost-effective, reliable and secure application system design and deployment services according to customers’ specific business needs. We focus on providing enterprises with world-class development, op...
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  • Business Value

    Beyondsoft is Asia's leading IT service provider and has more than 30 delivery centers in six countries on three continents, enabling its global delivery capacity.

    With refined and advanced IT managed infrastructure service experience, our dedicated team of strategic consultants and technical experts work with our clients to solve all kinds of challenges in the process of solution and asset management, 24/7.

    Beyondsoft is a reliable and strategic corporate partner who allows the enterprise to focus on its core business, accelerate the construction of digitization, and gain more core competitiveness.

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