Managed Infrastructure Services

Managed Infrastructure Services

Beyondsoft provides customers with a professional service model of information technology infrastructure through IT infrastructure management service. This ensures high-quality services and improves production efficiency through designing thoughtful processes and maintaining a sufficient talent pool. Infrastructure management service has a flexible service model, which can effectively reduce end-to-end IT costs, while avoiding business risks caused by infrastructure interruption. Beyondsoft provides customers with a customized management service process according to the specific situation of each enterprise. We help build sound enterprise infrastructure management standards and service systems.

In addition, Beyondsoft adopts leading technologies to simplify the process of IT infrastructure management. Also, we combine the rich experience of our IT professionals with technical expertise to ensure the high-quality delivery of Beyondsoft’s IT infrastructure management service.

  • We have perfected our process management model, professional infrastructure management services, and technical support to help you quickly understand the relevant circumstances of each system.
  • We use an "issue tracking system" to record, in real time, each issue raised and provide detailed information of handling and closing processes, to provide a reference for later work.
  • 24/7, around the clock monitoring ensures the timely detection of issues related to the system infrastructure platform. It also actively responds to and handles issues, improving the internal management process.
  • We have adopted a structured approach to address challenges posed by increasing business needs, implement and use the ITIL framework and tools to ensure high-quality delivery of Beyondsoft IT infrastructure management services.
  • Business Value

    Beyondsoft is Asia's leading IT service provider and has more than 30 delivery centers in six countries on three continents, enabling its global delivery capacity.

    With refined and advanced IT managed infrastructure service experience, our dedicated team of strategic consultants and technical experts work with our clients to solve all kinds of challenges in the process of solution and asset management, 24/7.

    Beyondsoft is a reliable and strategic corporate partner who allows the enterprise to focus on its core business, accelerate the construction of digitization, and gain more core competitiveness.

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