Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility

Mobile informatization has developed from the original state of experimental application to the unstoppable force it is today.In the mobile Internet era that is upon us, enterprises must increase their investment in the mobile arena in order to keep up with the pace of the market, win more business opportunities, and untimately succeed.In particular, emerging technologies such as cloud computing, mobile technologies and big data are strongly propelling the integration of enterprise management and mobile Internet.The focal point for enterprises is discovering how to create a enterprise mobile strategy and deploy mobile informatization.

Beyondsoft’s mobile application services support the client’s 360-degree mobile strategic development. Using mobile Internet and mobile platform application development, we help clients achieve more than just mobile phone application optimization. We also extend the application to cover an ever-broadening range of mobile communication technology domains.Achieve enterprise transformation from mobile ready to mobile front runner.

  • Application R&D Services

    Provide enterprises with customized mobile application development services including product research, requirements analysis, UX and UI design, development, testing, as well as deployment and launch.

  • Mobile Office Solutions

    Mobile office solutions enable enterprises to “easily, conveniently, and efficiently” complete work assignments at any time, any place and in any environment. It provides a better collaborative office experience to allow administrators, h...

  • Enterprise O2O Solutions

    We help quickly set up an online and offline service system, connecting service providers and service consumers. We offer features such as service demonstrations, mobile bookings, online payments, on-site services, evaluations and feedback,...

  • Mobile Social Media Solutions

    We help enterprises develop customized mobile social media services such as: Weibo and WeChat. We increase business user awareness, resolve breakdown between online and offline, and increase user conversion rates.

  • Beyondsoft’s enterprise mobile solutions enable enterprises to achieve professional transformation in interaction, understanding, connectivity, and implementation.We accelerate the integration of business management and mobile Internet.
  • We help enterprises create a mobile experience, deepen customer relationships, achieve interactive economic benefits, integrate real life and digital experiences, and promote the development of mobile enterprises.
  • We utilize modular mobile application platforms to further increase applications value, helping businesses securely integrate and manage mobile applications.
  • We help enterprise IT and security experts manage their smartphones, tablets, application content, and infrastructure. In this way, we help achieve enterprise mobility as well as increase productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Business Value

    Beyondsoft has optimized, reliable, and flexible best mobile solutions. We provide clients with customized mobile consulting services, ensuring that we meet each client’s specific need. Partnering with Beyondsoft, you can keep your business running more intelligently and flexibly, to respond to challenges and minimize risks.

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