Globalization & Localization

Globalization & Localization

Since 1995, Beyondsoft has been accumulating extensive experience and practice in the localization business. We have the capability to provide multilingual translation and high-quality localization services, making Beyondsoft one of the top multi-language service providers in Asia. Beyondsoft implements a strategic layout in the world's most dynamic market and deeply understands customer’s needs and expectations. We are fully dedicated to our localization business, assisting multinational companies in adapting their products and services to the local characteristics in order to capture the relevant local market. Moreover, we actively help local enterprises to design products with an international perspective.
We focus on business optimization and innovation, and actively analyze specific needs of each industry. This is why Beyondsoft has achieved strategic growth since its inception.

Our mission is to help customers develop scalable and flexible translation and localization methods to add to their product portfolio. Our solutions focus on adapting according to the future growth needs of content volume and the target languages. We provide reproducible high-quality service, fast and flexible turnaround times, competitive pricing as well as ideal overall enterprise advantages.

Our ultimate goal is to establish long-term stable customer relations in the spirit of openness, integrity, learning, feedback and initiative. We cooperate with all related personnel who are involved in the localization process, including customers and localization suppliers, to achieve project self-management.

  • One-stop solutions encompassing 58 languages
  • We hold the leading position for mainstream tools and applications of quality assurance processes
  • We are powered by software development and testing to continuously improve efficiency
  • Business Value

    We have accumulated a wealth of project experience, which can help you develop comprehensive product globalization project plans and processes

    We have accumulated expertise in various industry sectors relating to localization. Therefore, we can make recommendations for improvement from the perspective of the end-user, so that your products and services will be more easily accepted by customer groups in targeted areas

    We have a professional project management capacity. Because of this, we can closely coordinate all aspects of the project, improve communication efficiency, and shorten the duration of the project lifecycle

    We offer one-stop services for product globalization. We are familiar with the Agile model of project processing, thus shortening the duration of your project lifecycle to help accelerate the product launch into the market

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