Product Design

Product Design

UED stands for User Experience Design. Along with the technological, industrial production, and the arrival of the PC era, “human-centered technology” has become a popular element. UED has gradually become a powerful competitive tool. Those enterprises which heavily invest in UED occupy more of the market share and are surviving, while the others are gradually are gradually being phased out. UED is becoming a popular element and is breaking into other industries, no longer confined solely to the IT industry.

According to the real-life situation and needs of customers, we help enterprises customize the best visual project and talent outsourcing solutions. These solutions are created with our unique design concept and details-driven design professionalism based on the customers’ different business development goals and needs.

  • Six years of experience in Internet visual design outsourcing
  • Sophisticated outsourcing process system
  • More than 27,500 design works
  • A talent pool of more than 500 committed designers, dozens of freelancers, and over 200 reserve designers
  • Customers' high appreciation for the quality of service and talents
  • Authorized partners include Tmall, Taobao, Alipay, Jing Dong Mall, etc.
  • Services

    Visual design outsourcing: Mainly includes website interface design, campaign page design, channel page design, and commercial banner design;

    Staff outsourcing services: Includes the outsourcing of web designers and front-end developers.

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