Verification & Validation

Verification & Validation

In this competitive and variable market, seizing market opportunities with high-quality products has always been the core concern of enterprises. As a leading QA service provider, Beyondsoft always spares no effort to focus on quality optimization services, to provide independent third-party evaluation of software and systems for enterprises with the highest expectations of the end-user, to help clients improve their product’s market competitiveness, to ensure existing users’ loyal support, and to win favor among new users.

Beyondsoft is skilled in professional testing consultation and management, efficient test execution, authoritative automation testing and tool development. We also have the most advanced testing technology and utilize best practices of our excellent testing center. Therefore, we can provide customers with flexible, customized testing services to ensure high-quality product delivery.

  • Beyondsoft’s high-quality testing services can not only locate and report defects, but can also provide customers with testing status, costs, analysis and summary of expenses. We continue to optimize the testing process, improve testing...
  • As a technology-driven company, we are taking the lead in automated testing and testing tool development. We are also breaking into the emerging fields of cloud computing, mobile, Internet, mass data.
  • Business Value

    We are not only your service provider, but your partner, providing you with testing services which exceed the traditional value.

    We have strong technical advantages and rich experience in different vertical industries to help customers streamline the testing process, and accomplish testing flexibility throughout the whole lifecycle of development.

    Our offshore delivery center and field service can provide customers with 24x7 year-long service, which will ensure that our customers’ products will have a strong competitive edge in this rapidly changing market.

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