G11N/L10N Testing

G11N/L10N Testing

Many software companies in the world today have urgent needs for their products to gradually move toward globalization as the market and region that their products serve continuously expand.Therefore, they require their products to widely support internationalization in the design and development processes. In this way, they can meet the language and cultural needs of users in their targeted global regions.Since its inception, Beyondsoft has accumulated 20 years of experience in globalization testing. We provide corporate users with high-quality globalization testing capabilities to ensure that their products can meet the needs of users in the targeted market regions. In this way, we help enterprises rapidly expand their businesses.

  • We have 21 years of globalization testing experience. We possess proven project management experience, as well as state-of-the-art globalization testing processes and methodologies.
  • In addition to globalization testing, Beyondsoft also provides services such as globalization consultation, localization engineering, and translation services. We provide enterprises with complete and comprehensive product globalization ...
  • Services

    Internationalization Testing: This service tests the support capacity of software internationalization. It provides early detection of potential software internationalization problems, ensuring that the software can run properly in different regions of the world and in different language environments.

    Localizability Testing: This service tests the support capacity of software localization. It provides early detection of potential software localization problems, such as whether or not the associated resource file is correct. In this way, we ensure that the software localization process will encounter few problems.

    Localization Testing: This service tests whether or not the localized software can run properly within the target language and regional systems. It also tests whether software UI is properly displayed.

    G11N and L10N Testing Services for High Tech Company

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