Security Testing

Security Testing

As Internet and information technology further integrate with every aspect of our economy and society, technological advances, increased efficiency, and organizational changes are propelled forward. Creativity and productivity also increase. As we rely more on information technology, information system security becomes more important. It has gradually become the foundation for a company’s continued success.

When system security vulnerability is exploited and attacked by malicious people, security issues such as personal privacy breaches, business plan exposure, intellectual property rights infringement, and system crashes have a direct impact on day-to-day operations. It causes economic losses, long-term damage to a company’s reputation and brand name. It also ignites fear in customers, causing them to flee. It is obvious that security has become the guardian and lifeline for many important sectors and institutions such as those in finance, securities, e-commerce, healthcare, and government agencies. Prevention is better than a cure. We integrate security awareness and ideologies into each stage of the system design, development, and maintenance. This is the security best practice Beyondsoft recommends for you. It allows you to control system security at ease, detecting and solving problems as early and quickly as possible, minimizing threats and losses.

  • We have a professional security research team. We also collaborate with international and domestic professional security entities. We bring the latest and the most timely security information, system vulnerabilities, and suitable solutio...
  • Our experienced security team can work with clients to establish a comprehensive, systematic, and efficient security development process.
  • We independently research and develop security tools that embody the essence of the industry. Combined with the best business tools and open source tools, we can greatly improve productivity.
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    Network and System Architectural Security Testing and Protection

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